• Delivering the top talent

    Delivering the top talent

    We bring that burst of energy that extra man power that injection of perspective to get you over the finish line. Whenever you need highly skilled permanent or part time employees we’re there to make it happen.

  • Understanding your work place

    Understanding your work place

    We learn the ins and outs of your company, your people and your market to find the best qualified people suited to your company. We are an ever adapting company able to adapt from day one.

  • Right people in the right place

    Right people in the right place

    We know how to find the right candidates we are constantly tracking the top talent across the aviation industry in the sectors of pilots cabin crew and engineers.

We care about more than just finding you talent.
We care about quality - delivering it and keeping it.

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Roles we recruit in:

  • Pilot Jobs

    View pilot jobs
    • Low Hour Pilots
    • Second Officers
    • First Officers
    • Flight Instructors
    • Captains
    • Simulator Instructions
    • New Entrant Cabin Crew
    • Experienced Cabin Crew
    • Cabin Crew Trainer
  • Engineer Jobs

    View engineer jobs
    • B1 Licensed Engineers
    • B2 Licensed Engineers
    • A Licensed Engineers
    • Aircraft Technician
    • Aircraft Mechanic
    • Aircraft Maintenance
    • Avionics Engineer
    • Camo Engineer
    • Aircraft Systems Engineer
  • Direct connections

    Direct connections

    It’s not about matching resumes to job descriptions. It’s understanding your corporate culture and digging into what makes an ideal candidate fit your organisation. We will help you make lasting connections that will build your business’ future. That’s our commitment.

  • Our team

    Our team

    We have a great team with a fantastic skill set, so we can provide the best service for our customers. At other work places, they have colleagues and co workers: we have brothers and sisters - its how we achieve the best results. In our team we have industry experts, recruiters, HR staff, talent acquisition and planning managers.

  • CV database

    CV database

    We have a large candidate CV data base for qualified candidates and we keep tabs on who has the skills you’re looking for, when they’re available and how you can reel them in. We seek out candidates with razor-sharp skills and expertise to match.